How to gain entry to St Marks

All referrals come from Community Alcohol and Drug (CADs) Centres and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) throughout the South Island. To gain admission to St Marks clients need to contact their local CADs or NGO in order to begin the enrolment process. Referrers will determine client suitability to our programme. A comprehensive assessment is then sent to the clinical team at St Marks for processing and if accepted a date of entry is given.

The referrer and client together read the St Marks Information Booklet which outlines conditions of entry, rules, financial commitment and the philosophy of the programme. Clients sign that they have understood and agreed to the conditions of entry.

The philosophy for the organization is the ''Family that Changes''. Clients live as a family, sharing all the tasks of running the house, including, catering, cleaning, gardening and providing their own entertainment. The more senior residents act as role models for the newer residents. Clients must be highly motivated to make positive lifestyle changes and open to Therapeutic Community Concepts of 'My Recovery is Your Recovery'. The four cornerstone model of Te Whare Tapu Wha are incorporated into assisting clients to make lifestyle changes.

Reduced smoking policy

We are also committed to reducing nicotine use and have a reduced smoking policy in place and offer alternative aids to cease nicotine use.

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